Dezember 02, 2010

How will WikiLeaks affect European Diplomacy with Eastern Partner Countries?

WikiLeaks and the "leaked cables"

In his post "How will WikiLeaks affect diplomacy?" Jovan Kurbalija made some interesting conclusions of how will WikiLeaks affect diplomacy as a whole: "Probably the only positive impact WikiLeaks will have is that it will demystify diplomacy. (...) The global diplomatic plane has to be fixed while it is flying. It is very likely that diplomatic services will immediately react by increasing security, becoming more exclusive, and even more secretive. It will, at least temporarily, discourage those who argue for having more engaging and inclusive global diplomacy. The exact opposite, in fact, to what, at least declaratively, WikiLeaks wanted to achieve."

Dezember 01, 2010

And the winner is...not Moldova!

Moldova is getting less media attention anyway. The elections last Sunday (28 November 2010) were no exception. The parliamentary elections held on 28 November 2010 in Moldova supposed to put Moldova back on European track. However, the election results clearly show once again that political instability will continue shaping the Moldovan political and social life.