Februar 22, 2013

The Eastern Partnership and Its 14 "Buddies"

EaP Countries and supporters among the EU; EU21Global
Everyone needs friends. At times of important decisions - this applies even more. The eastern neighbours of the European Union have experienced that there are comparable difficulties on the way of European integration. However, there are some supporters among the EU member states. Various meetings at the national and regional level were hold for the purpose of demonstration of additional support for the Eastern partnership countries. The three Baltic countries Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia, Poland, Sweden and Germany, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary, the Nordic countries Denmark, Finland and Sweden, as well as Bulgaria and Romania and even Great Britain increasingly showed their support to further develop the Eastern Partnership and manage the European integration of the Eastern neighbours of the European Union. Additionally they send a clear signal to the EaP countries that there were indeed serious obstacles in the path of reforms in order to get closer to the European Union.


Februar 08, 2013

Ukraine: "It's Now or Never" to decide on EU

EU High Representative on Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Catherine Ashton communicated the willingness of Brussels to hold EU-Ukraine summit in early 2013. The European Commission announced on 20 December 2012 that an EU-Ukraine summit would be held on 25 February 2013. The timetable is set. Prior to the upcoming summit the warnings are clear and there some preconditions to be resolved before signing any document: former Ukrainian Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko and former Interior Minister of Ukraine Yuriy Lutsenko cases, choice between EU or Moscow's Customs Union. So it is up to Ukraine to do its best and perform with the guidelines of the European Union. The main message is: Reform yourself or forget about us!